Sunday, May 11, 2014

Somewhere in Romania...spring time...

“I will take thee to a place that has been blessed, above the mountains, where you shall be free shepherds with flocks scattered in the whole wide world…” This was the prophecy of Sinna - goddess of the mountains - to the Romanians banished by the Saxon colonists from the village of Gârbova. They followed her and named the new settlement Sinna (Jina) as a sign of gratitude. Jina is a prosperous shepherds’ village on top of the mountains, above all the other villages from Mărginime.

As time went by, the locals from Jina fought for their freedom. Nevertheless, for one hundred years Jina was turned into a border village which defended the border between the Austrian Empire and Wallachia. Its inhabitants - the black soldiers - even took part at the Austerlitz battles against Napoleon.
Nowadays most of the population, women as well as men, deal with shepherding. The shepherdesses are true masters at turning milk into unparalleled delicacies: burduf cheese, jintiţa, urda or balmuş. As you come close the sheepfolds you can feel the smell of cheese and milk and of the cast-iron pots boiling with polenta and mutton jelly.